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C-CAPS is a education set up with the aim and objective of creating resources in the society and enable them to leverage the skills and education they have received to further their growth – both professional and personal.  The institute is based in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. As an organization, it’s a medium size organization – something which helps it to be close to its customers.

C-CAPS focus areas are providing training in foreign languages which include French, German and Spanish.  It also facilitates people looking to take IELTS, TOEFL, BEC (Cambridge Certification) by preparing them for the exams.  The institution also provides training in the field of English (Spoken &Written) soft skills and more. Our faculty provides personal touch by customizing the delivery model thereby ensuring each and every individual is engaged and there is “value addition”.

Having successfully established itself as a centre of excellence in the field of language and communication skills to the individuals, C-CAPS  has diversified by enhancing its scope to train the corporate and educational institutes by providing training to both corporate and education institutes. In addition to the above the institute is now expanding its deliverables to other key requirements such as Personality Development, Enhancing Confidence, Conflict Management, Inter-Personal Skills etc.

With trained and dedicated faculty (full, part time and visiting faculty) the focus is to add value to each student’s skill development, their approach towards learning and being engaged, increased interaction etc.  Each trainer specializes in a specific area and hence is able to justify and exceed the expectations of the client.  High focus on the above including one to one programs has considerably added value not only to the deliverables of the institute but also to the students.

About the Director

C-CAPS (Centre for Communication & Professional Skills) was founded By Ms. Sucharita Shetty. Having graduated from Mumbai University, she started her Career as a teacher and over a period of 15yrs worked her way through the entire gamut of the educational spectrum.  Starting as a counselor and then Marketing Head with Aptech in 1995, she moved on to NIIT as Centre Head.  She has hands on experience in business administration, marketing, manpower recruitment and training.  She is well versed in all facets of training pertaining to Language Development & Soft Skills.  Recognized by Clients & Colleagues as a consummate professional with a high degree of personal integrity, she is known for a contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions and a capacity for motivational leadership.

After a quality stint with the corporate world, she was bitten by the Entrepreneurial Bug and decided to take the Independent plunge in 2003. Since then she has developed a strong team and lead the institute to a leadership position – a position which continues to be maintained for over a decade!


The training methodology which is used is interactive and is constantly being  re-visited and evaluated to ensure there is learning in every interaction. Such a kind of interaction where there are several enablers including interactive methodology, high level of engagement, informal atmosphere etc. facilitates the students to discuss, debate and become more interactive.  Something which is very precious in today’s corporate world – where one is judged on his or her interaction capacity, management of conflict etc.

The institutes also ensure that the batch size does not exceed more than 10 to 12 students – this is to ensure not just to maintain a standard student to trainer or teacher but to ensure that enough opportunity is given to both the student as well as the teacher to get to know each other and ensure there is interaction during class sessions – no student hence gets a feeling that he or she is left out or a “back bencher”.


  1. Explore and then provide additional courses in demand based on feedback from students and the market requirements
  2. Enhance the skills and ensure all the teachers are Certified with the latest teaching methodologies both in the teaching as well as the training aspect
  3. Apply for getting the latest Quality Certification in the education sector
  4. Be connected through active partnership with Professional Institutes, share best practices and hence impact the deliverables to students in a very positive manner.
  5. Focus and work towards being more Innovative.

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